Technology Coast Partners Announces the Worldwide Release of the TCPBOT for SAP Business One ERP

Technology Coast Partners Announces the Worldwide Release of the TCPBOT for SAP Business One ERP

Revolutionary BOT expands the reach of SAP Business One by leveraging the power of WhatsApp.

MARCH, 2021 – MIAMI, FL—Technology Coast Partners (TCP) announced today the official release of the TCPBOT for SAP Business One, a global platform that connects the ERP platform, to a company’s approved WhatsApp users allowing access to critical business information and workflows to drive the business.

TCP, a Miami-based consultancy firm representing multiple enterprise business solutions, identified a strong need among SAP Business One users to expand their ERP reach throughout their ecosystem and achieve maximum ROI. With the TCPBOT, the ecosystem can span across teams from sales and operations to delivery drivers and inventory specialists, each with a need to collaborate while interacting with the ERP. Born from this need, the TCPBOT was customized to offer easy-to-use functionality that expands access and use of the Business One platform, allowing the tool to submerge broadly throughout the organization and not just within the direct user base.

“TCP has been delivering business solutions to its customers for almost 20 years,” commented Gonzalo Nunez, CEO and Founder of Technology Coast Partners. “We have seen and actively participated in the evolution of ERP technology, applying it successfully in countless implementation projects. Through this experience, we identified a gap between deployment and full adoption into the client’s ecosystem, which gave us the insight to develop the TCPBOT and meet this critical demand not only for our customers but to thousands of manufacturing and distribution firms globally.”

The TCPBOT leverages the power of WhatsApp, the most secure messaging network available in the digital world today that is widely adopted across nearly every country. The BOT was designed to be simple and easy to deploy, and cost-effective, delivering on the promise of a True SaaS model that is a preference among most businesses.

Ivan Rebolledo, Chief Revenue Officer for TCP, added, “The concept behind the TCPBOT is much more than merely enabling mobility; it’s about extending the network that interacts with ERP Data in a very efficient and secure way. In the case of our TCPBOT for SAP Business One, it will allow small and midsize companies to engage in impactful digital transformation and accelerate a true ROI on their investment. We see the TCPBOT as a transformation catalyst for smaller businesses around the world in a way that was never thought possible before.”

The TCPBOT for SAP Business One is available for immediate use.

TCP has great expectations with this new TCP innovation in a technology alliance with SAP that connects SAP Business One with remote users via WhatsApp. It brings up the opportunity to help thousands of small to midsized businesses across many different industries that count on the Business One platform in their digital evolution. Developed by TCP’s Productivity Innovation Division, it is a tool that extends business solutions and helps secure the desired outcomes by making everything easier, connecting parts, and promoting a strong collaborative ecosystem.

TCP invites its peers and technology consulting firms to visit the TCP web page and discover how its BOT can help their clients with their digital evolution. Depending on the customer’s needs, the TCPBOT can be customized to specific requirements beyond its standard functionality.

About Technology Coast Partners

Technology Coast Partners (TCP) is a Miami-based consultancy firm that accelerates digital transformation. They also represent enterprise business solutions, offering sales, marketing, channel development, and support for the Latin American region. The Company also serves as an authorized value-added reseller, leveraging its strong ecosystem in the region and the depth of its expertise to ensure high customer satisfaction and commercial success for their partners’ products. Born from the need to drive customer success, TCP developed the TCPBOT, a global platform that connects any ERP platform to a company’s approved WhatsApp users allowing access to critical business information and workflows to drive the business. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit

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