Our Mission

For mid-size and large manufacturing and distribution companies, we accelerate your unique digital transformation journey.

For software solution providers, we serve as a strategic, experienced partner in developing their business – offering sales, marketing, channel development and support in building a customer base.

We also serve as an authorized value-added reseller, assuring coverage and performance.

Our Values

Integrity – Nothing is more important to us than keeping our promise to our clients. We strive to improve our processes and nurture our business and individual relationships in a way that they reinforce the trust of our clients.

Commitment – Your goals are our goals, we listen and align all of our knowledge, experience and resources to help you achieve those goals and once we get there we stay with you as your partner for whatever the future brings.

Vision – We focus on combining our deep manufacturing expertise with the best available technologies that are right for you. We help you reimagine your business for success in the digital era.

Simple. Secure. ROI.

The TCP BOT is a global platform that connects your ERP to a company’s approved WhatsApp users allowing access to critical business information and workflows to drive the business.

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    Simplified Ecosystem

    The structure of the TCP BOT allows for implementation within hours.

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    Secure Communication

    Enterprise defined security standards and the power of WhatsApp

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    Nearly Instant Return On Investment

    Expands the connectivity far beyond the traditional barriers of ERP